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"I offer custom-tailored programs designed to squeeze maximum benefit from minimal time, because lack of time is the biggest reason so many otherwise successful individuals have lost their feeling of wellness in a sea of deadlines, pressure and stress.


So welcome to a bright new world of health, happiness and a greater sense of control over your own life. That's what wellness is about. I am here to help you attain it with a program designed for you... Because it was yours all along!"


Works 4 ME



Our mission aims to provide individuals with the tools, guidance and education to help them achieve healthy and long-term lifestyle changes. This is accomplished by establishing a positive and healthy environment that promotes motivation, encouragement, accountability and inspiration



                       • Community                       • Personal Attention

                       • Empower                           • Motivation

                       • Give Back                         • Nutrition

                       • Over-Deliver                     • Servants Heart

                         • 1-on-1 Personal Training


Community: Create a positive and healthy environment that promotes motivation, encouragement, accountability and inspiration.


Servants Heart: Serve each person wherever they are on their health and fitness journey.


Empower: Help motivate each client to a life healthy lifestyle so they can pay it forward.


Give Back: Use our God-given gifts to help our community and worthy causes.


Over-Deliver: Provide a service that goes above and beyond the typical fitness program.



PERSONAL ATTENTION: Core Boot Camps & Training concentrates on YOUR individual needs. I'll provide the motivation, inspiration, and leadership you will need to reach and maintain your personal fitness goals. I'll be working with you as a partner every step of the way.



ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL TRAINING: There are many benefits to hiring a personal trainer. A qualified personal trainer can help you reach or maintain a healthy weight, improve your overall conditioning...with one-on-one encouragement and motivation. With a personal trainer, you can enhance your flexibility, strength, endurance and posture.



MOTIVATION: As your private trainer, I'll make you stick to it. It is up to me to get you the body you want. I'll lead you through your personal training program until you reach your fitness and weight loss goals. But I don't stop there. I work for the long term results. Not quickly fading, artificial solutions. I provide comfortable, livable, and enjoyable personal fitness routines to keep your shape forever. You'll train hard, but train smart.


NUTRITION: The #1 mistake people make when trying to lose weight with a fitness is not knowing how to eat properly in order for their body to change. With our Boot Camp Program, we take your body fat measurements and actually talk to you to see what kind of goals you personally have. Based off your goals, we put together a complete nutrition program that tells us exactly how many grams of protein, carbs & fat you are going to need per day & per meal in order to lose X amount of fat to reach your goal. Along with this nutrition program, you get a full online meal planning that helps you understand everything you need to know about speeding up your metabolism and how to eat to fuel your body to burn fat.


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1350 East Side Centre Court

Mountain Home, AR 72653


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